Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Can a person become ticklish again?

I used to be extremely ticklish. In the last year or so (I'm 24), my ticklishness has gone away. I kind of miss it! Has anyone had this problem, and do you know how to fix it? Thanks!
Being ticklish is fun
I'm extremely ticklish too but its never gone away..thats odd for that to happen to you-Maybe just not the right person is tickling you or tickling you the right way???
I wish you could have my ticklishness. I am 6ft 4 260 lbs and build houses for a living only to be crippled and incapacitated by my wife tickling me....i lose all strength
As Andrew Tobias once wrote, "People aren't assigned ticklishness the way pansies are assigned colours. Ticklishness has something to do with where your head is."

It seems likely you might be able to recapture the frame of mind you had when you were more ticklish, though figuring out how might be difficult. And perhaps you can try one or two things designed to give you a temporary physical boost in sensitivity.

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